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About Us is quickly becoming the premier site for finding the fishing trip of your dreams. Fish-Now was founded by a lifetime fly fisherman who grew up fishing the Colorado and Gunnison rivers with his father and is dedicated to helping you find the right trip for your budget.

Why was created
Often times when one is planning a fishing trip, the question of a fishing guide comes up. They’re costly so the first reaction is to forgo a guide – after all, you already know how to fish, right?

This may or may not be true. You might very well be an expert fisherman that can get along quite well without a guide but if you are traveling to a far away area and are not familiar with the fishing conditions, then a guide could really come in handy.

Now having said that, I will say that a guide is simply that – a guide. He can tell you where he thinks the fish will be and even help you land one, but the real work is up to you. Just because you spend a lot of money on a guide does not mean you will catch a fish or even see one, but it could greatly increase your chances.

Most guides are great fishermen themselves and know the local area like the back of their hands. They are up on current conditions and know where the fish are right at the moment. They spend all their time fishing the river or lake, and probably have for many years, so they know where the best fish can be caught. Without a guide, you can waste a lot of time just trying to find those fish.

We discovered that there really wasn’t an easy place to go to find a guide or a charter or a outfitter to help out with this need. With that in mind, we set out to create that place, not only for ourselves but for the countless others out there like us who just wanted a resource we could use to shop and compare, so-to-speak, for fishing guides. Hence the creation of!

What now?
We recommend you do a search for a guide in the area you want to fish, or one that goes after the kind of fish you wish to catch, or a guide that caters to your method of fishing. Once you narrow down the prospects in a more defined search, you can compare the guides listed on Fish-Now for experience, cost, features, etc. to help narrow your choices even more. Use the convenient contact form located on the specific guide pages to request more information from the guides and use that in your evaluation.

If you do decide to hire a guide from Fish-Now, you need to make your fishing goals clear to him or her at the outset in order to make sure he can deliver what you want. Some things to discuss include the type of fish you want to catch, if you want to catch a lot of fish or just big ones, and the technique you prefer to use.

You should also find out if the guide has experience in your desired area. During these discussions you may find out that the guide recommends a different fishing style that what you have proposed in order to catch the kinds of fish you want. These are things you will have to consider.

What to expect
A guide can cost you anywhere between $100 to $400 a day and please don’t forget to tip him – even if you don’t catch any fish. For your money you should get expert advice on the best fishing locations, expert tips on how to catch those fish and maybe even a wonderfully delicious “shore” lunch. Not only that, but you should expect to learn something – whether it be about the area you are fishing, the type of fish species you are fishing for, or techniques used to catch fish – you should expect to come away from the experience with something new.

One thing that some anglers do on an extended trip is to hire the guide for the first few days and then go it alone for the rest of the trip. This way you can benefit from his advice and save a few bucks, too. Don’t be afraid to let the guide know this is your plan, he might be able to leave you with some parting tips so the rest of your trip is just as fruitful as the beginning. Remember, while guiding is their job, the reason they do this is for the love of the sport and the adventure. Most guides are willing to share their experience and expertise to help improve the knowledge of their clients in an attempt to keep the sport of fishing moving forward. Don’t expect the guide to give up his secret fishing hole, however. Some things forever remain secret no matter how much you are paying him or her.

Will it be worth it?
The question of whether or not a guide is worth it does not have the same answer for every angler. If this is your one big vacation and catching fish is of the utmost importance, then springing for a guide is probably well worth it. Let Fish-Now help you find the best guide for your wants, your needs, and your budget.