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25 Jun 2010

Alaska: 380 lb. Halibut no match for 70 year old grandmother

The huge halibut weighed 380 pounds and measured 7 feet 4 inches. MOORPARK -- It was a fishing trip a 70 year old grandmother of nine will never forget. LaVerne Glover of Moorpark reeled in a 380 pound halibut last week on the final day of her fishing trip to Sitka, Alaska with her husband, Bob. The huge halibut measured 7-feet-4-inches, dwarfing LaVerne's 5-foot-3 1/4-inch frame. LaVerne, a retired receptionist for a beauty salon, used chunk bait with a 5-foot-6-inch Seeker rod, an Avet 4/0 two-speed reel, 16/0 circle hook and 80-pound Spectra line. She says she knew right away that she had hooked a big fish. Once she saw the fish come to the top, everyone on the boat thought it was ...

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