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16 Jun 2010

Alaska: Colorado man lands monster Halibut in fishing derby

When Colorado angler Aaron Buscher hooked something in about 100 feet of water while jigging Monday morning on a halibut charter south of Montague Island near Seward, it was anyone's guess what might be on the other end. Buscher would pump, reel, pump, reel and gain maybe 15 feet of line. Then the fish would make a short run and those 15 feet would be gone. The stalemate repeated time and again. After about 40 minutes of muscle-draining toil, Buscher's denizen of the deep finally appeared off the stern of the Crackerjack Voyager. The sight took Buscher's breath away. "It was bigger than anything I've ever dreamed of," said Buscher, a 34-year-old on his first trip to Alaska. "I didn't even know they ...

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